Scholarships — A Cornerstone of Our Club

Although our local and national economies have had their ups and downs, one thing has remained constant — Swansboro Rotary’s commitment to maintain a healthy and growing college scholarship program. Our first scholarship, in the amount of $1,000, was awarded in 1979. Little did the club realize that 34 years later, the total scholarship amount would have grown to over $780,000! This amazing amount of money was raised through the hard work and dedication of Swansboro Rotarians, family, friends, local businesses and every person who participated in any of our fundraising projects.

As it has done for the past thirty-four years, the Swansboro Rotary Club continues to award college scholarships to high school seniors in the area which the club serves. For several years this club has awarded $4,000 scholarships to graduating seniors from Croatan and Swansboro High Schools with the requirement that the recipients seek a four-year degree at an accredited college or university.

Students applying for four-year college scholarships may complete their first two years at an accredited community college, but must complete their final two years at a four-year college or university. Scholarship eligibility for a Swansboro Rotary Club scholarship requires that the student be accepted by an accredited community college, university, or four-year college. To renew the scholarship, recipients must provide proof of full-time enrollment and good academic standing at their respective school. Scholarship applications are usually placed in both schools in December and are available from school guidance counselors and also from the business office at the Swansboro Rotary Civic Center. (Children and grandchildren of Swansboro Rotary members are not eligible for these scholarships.)

The Swansboro Rotary Club recognizes the rising cost of college tuition and the need for continuing education for our high school graduates and continues to focus on providing financial assistance. As our club prospers, so will our scholarship program. Thanks again to our many friends who continue to make it happen!